The Stagehand’s Ballet, second novel in a series

There’s a lump in Robert Scott’s gut he can’t get rid of. He was so eager to leave Romania to take this backstage job at San Francisco’s Opera House that he made one very stupid mistake. He left his younger brother, Peter, behind the Iron Curtain, in one of the most dangerous Communist countries on the grid. Peter might look like a defensive linebacker, but inside, he’s just a lamb heading toward the slaughter. And now, of all things, he’s married to a Romanian nurse who works in an orphanage so vile it made him sick. In fact, Robert wonders if maybe these two newlyweds are sneaking kids out of the orphanage. They must have a death wish, or not know how serious the consquences are. Prison. Torture. Never coming home. Robert blinks back the wetness in his eyes. How can he protect them from half-way around the globe?

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