Petal in a Storm

In 1989, a Jewish American ballerina wants one thing: to become prima ballerina for the San Francisco Ballet. As she waits in the wings to go onstage, the lead ballerina doesn’t show up, though the orchestra has played the overture twice. The Jewish ballerina pushes past the other dancers to do an impromptu audition for the artistic director. Desperate, he gives her the nod.

When the curtain comes down, the audience goes crazy. Two visiting Russians are impressed with her that night: her dance partner who needs his green card and intends to marry her to get it, and a Bolshoi Director who wants to hire her. When the Russian dancer tells the Bolshoi director that she’s Jewish, his opinion of her changes since he has a long history of ruining Jewish careers. The next morning, she reads his disparaging comments in the critics’ columns. Infuriated by the bad press, San Francisco’s artistic director demotes her back to the corps de ballet.

One other person notices her as well, a Christian stagehand. As he watches her dance he is captivated, then pitched into a struggle between loving God and loving her.



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