Escape of the Innocent, first novel in a series

Escape of the Innocent exposes the cruel treatment of Romanians under Nicolae Ceaușescu’s Communist regime in 1989, especially the helpless children who are abandoned to government institutions by their parents who are too poor to care for them. One brave young woman, a Messianic Jewish nurse who works in one of the worst orphanages, decides to smuggle out a little girl who’s dying of pneumonia. Then she takes out one more, and then another, until she’s rescued thirteen children.

Every time she does this, she jeopardizes herself and her American husband. They’ll go to prison if they’re caught and be tortured. The same is true of their friends in their underground church who harbor these children in their homes. Not only that, but the young siblings she’s raising will end up at the harrowing place where she works. Every day’s a nightmare, but she can’t do otherwise. She won’t be able to live with herself if she does.

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